Ellen Page: Is Coming Out Really Still ‘brave’?

Similarly, admitting this website that coming out doesnt require the copious news amounts of bravery that it used to, doesnt somehow let Russia off the hook, or deny that homophobia is still a problem. Its to our account that weve Kendra tape evolved into a society where vast numbers of gay people can feel free to be themselves: our activism would do well to acknowledge this fact. I dont take issue with the word brave being used at times of people who come out. As Ive mentioned, coming out most certainly is brave in some contexts say, a 16-year-old quarterback in Texas. But to praise each coming-out gay person for her courage and bravery doesnt really reflect the progress that weve made in recent years. Should Pages announcement be celebrated? Absolutely!
More http://ideas.time.com/2014/02/16/ellen-page-is-coming-out-really-still-brave/


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